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If information was enough, we would all be top performers in our profession, exercise every day, eat more vegetables, be within the government height and weight standard, and have a ton of money saved for the future.

Think about it… you can Google or YouTube the instruction manual for just about anything. You can access a step-by-step guide; the best practices and the quick start guide. So, I have one simple question – with access to all this information and proven evidence, why do we still struggle with limiting beliefs and behaviors?

The answer… our feelings outweigh our commitments. When our commitments outweigh our feelings, that’s when a breakthrough begins.

You see, the 5 words that kill more dreams, more potential and more happiness than any other 5 words spoken: “I don’t feel like it.

I’m not sure of your dream, yet I suspect for many of you it’s more financial freedom, better health, stronger relationships and more connectedness with your community. Yet let’s face it, so many times when you are about to start something toward those dreams the onslaught of excuses flood your mind like water gushing out of a broken pipe. The theme of these excuses always traces back to the same root… “I don’t feel like it.”

How many times have you said, “I don’t feel like it?”  How many times have you listened to that thought, allowing it to alter the course of your actions? What has that cost you physically, financially, emotionally? What if you could make a different choice?

Here is what I know, “I don’t feel like it” is the universal human condition that silently kills dreams. Yet you and I don’t have to accept this dream killer. We can all overcome the feeling and move powerfully towards our goals and dreams. It starts with intention… the intention to live on your terms not the terms of your moods and feelings.

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