Episode 68: Success Superstars - JPAR

This week’s episode of Success Superstars is all about having the drive to hustle and to be creative in how to drive traffic to your business!

Dustin Helms has had a crushing first year in Real Estate: his background in sales and his confidence to dive headfirst without a plan B meant that hard work can pay off as he finished the year with $5.4 in closing transactions.

According to Dustin, being an extraordinary Realtor is making sure your client sees the value in your work: “if you don’t believe that you’ll be saving your client money then, they won’t believe it either”. Dustin also highlights how key it is to figure out the property’s selling points and flaws long time before adding it to the MLS.

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“Give something, then ask something in return” – Dustin Helms, JP and Associates Realtors®