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7 Steps for Success in Real Estate Sales

7 Steps for Success in Real Estate Sales

Welcome to real estate sales! The hardest and most challenging roller coaster ride of your life. Yet this profession can also be so very, very rewarding.

When I came out of corporate America and started my real estate career, I did not have an extensive network because I worked 80 hours a week. I wasn’t as connected to the community as others. I was starting a business from scratch and I knew excuses would not create income. So, I took what I knew from engineering – system, structure, and process – and applied that to my business.

I knew if I created and followed a formula, success would flow. And it did! Following my “7 S” formula I became the rookie of the year, #1 producer in my office and 3 years later the #1 agent in my market. Later in my career, I had the skills, desire and drive to create my own real estate brokerage: JP & Associates REALTORS®. And I’m proud to write that in the last 6 years – following the “7 S” formula DAILY-  we’ve come from being a dream to being named the 88th largest firm in America!

So, what’s the formula? It’s the 7 S’s:

“You are capable of success, you just need to take the first step”


Every day I suit up – I suit up mentally and physically. Unless you live in Malibu where you can get by at times with shorts and flip-flops, suit up and look like a successful, professional. Everyday dress for success for the norms in your area. That included my car… now at first, I could not afford a fancy car, yet I invested in a 4-door car that was always clean and ready to go.

Suiting up for me also meant my daily mental routine. My friend and COO Mark Johnson at JPAR, recently wrote: “the mind is its own place. Inside it, you can make a perfect place miserable and a miserable place nearly perfect.” That’s so true. Each day I focused on the positive things I could create in my business and for my life. You see I knew, what I focused on expands and I chose to focus on being mentally tough and taking inspired action daily.

What I learned I had to BE the agent that people wanted to work with and refer friends to. You can do the same. Suit up every day mentally and physically! EVERYDAY. This is where agents begin to fumble and falling off the wagon so very early in the steps.


In my business, I showed up! I showed up to as many local and regional real estate events and community events as possible. Became involved in all my kid’s activities and filled my calendar with appointments! Appointments I learned was my “money ball” the equivalent of getting on base. The more I got on base the more signed contracts I created. I made appointments with everyone who could help me: with title companies, lenders, friends, clients, other top producers. While others would not begin arriving in the office until 11 every day, I got to the office EARLY. I made it a point to never eat lunch alone. Coffee anyone?

What I learned after suiting up was to SHOW UP and show up everywhere! Show up until you don’t need a business card to introduce yourself in your market.


Generalist struggle and specialist thrive. When I ask an agent their specialty and they answer, “I’ll go anywhere,” typically, that answer is a signal for help!  I’ve observed that agents who go anywhere struggle more than agents who specialize. Yes, most of us live in or near a large market, yet a niche specialty market is a secret to stretching your dollars and maximizing your exposure. Niche markets are all around us… consider what industry you come from like Nursing, teaching, law enforcement? You can specialize in those markets. What about specializing in investment properties for high wealth individuals? Of course, there is always the local neighborhood.  You can make a great living by becoming the hyperlocal expert in a 300-home area by becoming the “hub” for all things real estate and home ownership related. You’ll provide a great service to your “farm” and love your business.

I learned this early in my career. Your marketing dollar cannot cover an entire wide area. Your audience needs to be narrow and they need to hear or see your message daily.


It seems in today’s world the word “solicit” or “sales” is almost a dirty word. Yet consider this… nothing in this world happens until someone buys or sells something.  And those who do so in an eloquent and professional way can be well rewarded. Fact is, real estate sales in many ways is a commodity like milk, juice, and airlines. Yet you can differentiate yourself in service, follow up, expertise and always delivering on your promises.

So, don’t be a secret agent. You’ve got to get out there and engage with the people you know and the people you don’t know. Build and maintain relationships. Wear a name tag; slap a magnetic business card on the side of your car; hand out business cards; conduct open houses and invite ALL the nosy neighbors. Spark discussions about real estate with everyone you meet. And then be prepared with your U.S.P. Your unique selling proposition… (google it!).  Finally, develop your network of professional relationships who you can cross-refer business.

Keep in mind, I learned early on that “what you say matters.” I can’t emphasize enough the importance of role-playing and practicing. Agents who rehearse the buyer presentation, rehearse their listing presentation and rehearse the most common objections simply outperform those agents who don’t. It’s just that simple: practice with someone in the office NOT on your potential customer.


I’d rather say “invest” but it doesn’t start with an S! You have to spend, to invest money to make money. And every spend should have a direct ROI (return on investment) back to you. Be smart, be strategic but have a budget each month that is invested in tried and true lead generation and set aside a budget to always be testing something new and innovative.

Limited money?  Check equity or sweat equity… it’s your choice, just be resourceful in how you spend your time, talent and treasure. For example, in some cases, you can door drop and save money on direct mail. Whatever you do, however, you choose to do it remember the purpose of all real estate marketing is to get an appointment. Get the appointment is your money ball!    

Most agents don’t even have a budget. Create one now, and work toward increasing the spend monthly, not reducing it. The more you spend toward lead gen, marketing the more appointments you can create.

A scared money will never make you real money. Look at where top producers spend their money in lead gen and outspend them over time to take their place. Simple enough.


Life rewards the specific and punishes the vague. You tell me, which agent is going to make more money this year:

Agent 1: “how much money would you like to make this year?”

As much a possible!

Agent 2: “how much money would you like to make this year?”

I’m going to serve 50 families this year to either buy, sell or invest in real estate. By talking with 10 people a day (4 I know; 4 I don’t know, and 2 from previous lead follow-ups) I’ll make 4 appointments a week and sign 1 new contract each week.

Which agent of these agents is going to win at the end of the year?

You are a business owner now and business owners don’t wing it.  Set big goals that motivate you to take big actions.

EVERY. SINGLE.DAY. You should have a checklist of things you want to accomplish towards the master goal. Don’t quit the day until you have those things done.

As an engineer, I was given a Franklin Covey planner. I had one of those in my days selling real estate and to this day I carry a notebook. I want to check things off my list daily. It’s fulfilling. It’s personally rewarding.


You can specialize, solicit, spend all day long, but in the end, the willingness to help people and be active in your community carries more weight than gold in our business. Get involved in your church, your community events. Volunteer in your kid’s groups and local organizations like the Junior League, or Women Leagues, or Rotary club. It will take some time to get business from those circles, but if you have a genuine approach and take time business will come.

Zig said it best. You can have everything you want in life if you just help enough people get what they want.

Make it happen each day, use the 7 S formula and success will flow. If you didn’t catch my previous post on the 7 Things I Wish My Broker Had Told Me, then check it out.

Episode 59: Success From Scratch

Episode 59: Success From Scratch

On this episode of Success from Scratch my guest is Jackie South, JPAR Rookie of the year. Jackie overcame a serious health condition, and more yet despite her circumstances decided to stay in the game and win. Learn how in this week’s episode.

Now available on the go: listen to inspirational stories on all podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, just search ‘Success from Scratch’ anywhere you listen to your favorite podcasts.

“Don’t isolate yourself, we have the most incredible support, we have the most incredible FAMILY. You are not alone.” – Jackie South, JP and Associates REALTORS®


JP & Associates REALTORS® are Full Speed Ahead

JP & Associates REALTORS® are Full Speed Ahead


One of America’s fastest growing brokerages is poised to be one of America’s fastest growing franchisors. Why and how is this even possible?

We asked one of its franchisees to give us some insights:

Recently, I read an article about choosing the right brokerage. It explained why brokerages are geared for agents at various stages of their careers. As I read, I didn’t understand why this was the standard. Why do you have to pick a brokerage to get started, move to another to help you grow, and yet another for you to be successful? Shouldn’t your brokerage evolve to support you at any stage of your career?

As a former agent, and now owner, I’m uniquely positioned to recognize the change agents want to see. Therefore when I was looking for a franchise partner, I was excited to connect with JP & Associates REALTORS® (JPAR).

JPAR founder, JP Piccinini, has established a culture that is agent-centric. As a former top-producer, he built a company based on what agents wanted… and then he did it for franchisees. Same formula: agents first and franchisees first.

When I decided to open a real estate brokerage, I knew we had to have something fresh—a partner company that embraced the same ideas about fees, training, support, and culture. JPAR checked all of the boxes. They are a full-service brokerage on a transactional fee model. Brick and mortar offices plus all this:

1. BOSSS Hub

JPAR constantly brings the latest and greatest tools from vendor partners to their agents. Starting with B.O.S.S.S., the Broker One Stop Shop System that houses everything you need to do business. It’s a direct portal to each resource the company offers. Truly industry leading.

2. Agent Health Care/Retirement Bonus Plan

When was the last time you signed up for health care through your brokerage or received retirement bonuses? JPAR is changing the game on that. Offering health care plans that make sense to agents and are truly affordable.

3. Technology

JPAR doesn’t need to join the hype about being a technology company. It is a real estate company focused on keeping the main thing the main thing: selling real estate. It provides best in class tech to its agents and franchisees giving us an opportunity every day to grow our business.

4. Training

JPAR’s innovative training tracts that can be tailored to any agent at any stage of their career is nothing short of genius. Hundreds of trainings a month are offered. It’s a massive amount of quality, current and relevant educational material for agents.

5. Support

As I was doing research on franchises, I learned it was a hands-off approach for most. ‘Here’s your brand box, go recruit and good luck,’ they’d say. As JPAR franchisees, we are truly supported in all aspects of our business. From recruiting, retention and of course generating revenue.

All of this while maintaining a transactional model with a productivity standard to ensure they are hiring serious agents.

JPAR provides franchisees a brokerage in a box set up that includes:

  • Training and tools for recruiting
  • Industry-leading technology
  • Discounts and supplier networks
  • Training and centralized support
  • Accounting and compliance processing

And this is just today. They are always evolving and open to ideas to make the brokerage better like the recent rollout of its own ibuyer platform, Instant Offers.

JP is always bringing in the latest technology to give JPAR a competitive advantage. His history as an agent shows in his leadership and it trickles down to the entire staff of the company. When he was laying the groundwork for JPAR, he wanted to build a company that focuses on providing agents with the resources and support it takes to be successful. JP’s vision of what a brokerage should be is evident even into the franchise level.

So, what’s next? JP & Associates REALTORS corporate-owned stores and its to 2,000 agents are already the largest Independent privately held brokerage in Texas for homes sales in just 7 short years. The plan is 50 states by 2023. I am on board this ship and I bet we will get there by 2022.

Learn more about getting onboard with JP & Associates REALTORS.



Fear… The Danger Of Being Too Controlling

Fear… The Danger Of Being Too Controlling

Working with business owners just like you, there is one thing I’ve discerned: if you want to grow your real estate practice, you’ve got to learn to let go of any task that doesn’t set you apart from the competition.

What stops you from doing this?

FEAR is the problem!

And fear leads to being, a control freak. Fear – in the case I’m writing about – fear is really just “False Evidence Appearing Real!”

In the type of unhealthy fear, I’m talking about:

  • Fear sees only the downside
  • Fear doesn’t let you stop to think it through
  • Fear tells us to avoid anything new or unknown
  • Fear constricts rather than expands who we are
  • Fear obscures your intuition
  • Fear often keeps us from making any decision at all

Unhealthy fear holds you back. Unhealthy fear leads you to wanting extraordinary control over every process. So how do you release some fear, give up some control when this is something most of us typically resist? First let’s set up an example.

In our world one of the biggest fears is hiring your first assistant; or delegating your files to a transaction coordinator. The excuse? “Well Mark, they won’t do it like I do it. I need to CONTROL everything.”

Consider this… when you automate, delegate or eliminate you can focus on what sets you apart from the competition.

When you hire or outsource to someone, even if they do it 75% as good as you do… you’ve still increased your capacity by 75%. Hire and outsource with 2 resources and you’ve increased your capacity by 150%. Make sense?

Leverage works!

So, the point being, so many of us hold back because we want to control everything, which leads to fear which leads to the fixed mindset thought that we must hire to perfection.

Perfection is not a standard, progress is.  

A big friction point that keeps many of us in fear is cost. If you’re making $150,000 annually and hiring an assistant for $40,000 a year plus a bonuses, the natural questions is: “will I be able to support it?” A logical and valid question. Watch this.

The solution has some pain

In our real estate practices, when we focus on overcoming a challenge that is perceived as a threat, such as an unfavorable change in MLS rules, or unfair competition, that pain motivates us to eradicate the problem immediately.

Conversely, when we focus on overcoming a challenge that is perceived as an opportunity, we are less inclined to take action. If you apply this same concept to control, it makes sense why most agents, team leaders and broker owners struggle with relinquishing it.

Most of us typically think about the opportunity associated with giving up control:

  • Increased free time
  • Flexibility to engage in more meaningful activities

It sounds logical. It sounds desirable. Yet this isn’t enough to motivate anyone of us to give up control.


Because, on the flip side, there’s the pain or threat associated with giving up control:

  • Increased errors
  • Reduced quality and upset clients.

If people are wired to minimize pain, it makes sense why most agents, team leaders and broker owners are convinced they’re best served by doing everything themselves.

Learning To Let Go

So how can you address this dilemma?

One way is to rethink the situation: Don’t think of giving up control as having the opportunity for more free time. Reframe it to focus on the downside or threat of not giving up control. Answer these three questions when you’re considering the pros and cons of giving up control:

  • What’s it costing you by not giving up control?
  • What will you lose by not giving up control?
  • What is the pain you’ll continue to endure if you don’t give up control?

These questions will help refocus your attention on where it needs to be to create action—on the pain associated with doing everything yourself. 

By focusing on the cost of not changing it, you’re more likely to take action. 

To reframe your view from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset:

  • Write down all the costs associated with not giving up control
  • Be creative yet be brutally honest.

Keep those pains up and visual in your world, so you see them every day. Talk with others who have gone before you and discuss how you can minimize the risks associated with delegating work to others.

Bottom line:  At JPAR we have a powerful template used to calculate the value of your time… because we know you’re capable of doing the tasks that make $100, $200, even thousands per hour. Meanwhile you’re stuck doing the $20 per hour tasks. Automate the those tasks first, delegate others by outsourcing or hiring the next tier of tasks.

Only when the perceived pain associated with not giving up control is greater than the pain associated with giving up control will you be able to make a shift.

Inman Publishes Article on JPAR iBuyer Program

Inman Publishes Article on JPAR iBuyer Program

By: JIM DALRYMIRE || Staff Writer with Inman 

JPAR Instant Offers is designed to be as convenient as an iBuyer but casts Texas brokerage JP & Associates as a facilitator of deals rather than a purchaser of properties

Jim Dalrymple II
Interesting article:
They say everything’s bigger in Texas, and that’s apparently true when it comes to iBuying competition: Frisco, Texas-based brokerage JP & Associates Realtors formally announced Tuesday it has teamed up with a tech company to launch an agent-centric cash offer program.

JPAR Instant Offers is being billed as an iBuyer, though it differs from the type of instant cash offer programs that other, bigger companies have built. Would-be sellers can go online and get an immediate rough offer for their property. Within 24 hours, a JP & Associates representative will come out and visit the home to confirm its value and discuss options with the seller. The property owner can then opt to sell their home the traditional way and have it show up on multiple listing services or proceed with the cash option.

Sellers who opt for cash should have their finalized, official offer within another 24 to 48 hours.

J.P. Piccinini
“We give you the closing that you want,” J.P. Piccinini, founder and owner of JP & Associates, told Inman.

Up to this point, the program resembles other iBuyers, which generally tout the ease and speed of a cash offer. However, what sets JPAR Instant Offers apart is the source of its offers; while major players like Opendoor and Zillow buy properties on their own, JP & Associates sources its offers from third party investors.

“Focus on what you love to do.”
“We’re nothing more than a facilitator connecting the seller with the potential buyer, the investor,” Piccinini said. “We have buyers across the United States.”

Piccinini explained that his company has built a stable of “thousands” of potential investors that includes past clients, hedge funds, home flippers, rental property owners and others. After a seller chooses to proceed with a cash offer, the property goes to a kind of internal, digital marketplace that only JP & Associates agents can view. Those agents can then broadcast listings seeking cash offers to investors.

JP & Associates agents handling instant offer deals are paid by the sellers. Piccinini said that agents can work out their own payment arrangements with sellers, and can opt to receive anything from a flat fee to a traditional commission.

The system has only been live for about a week, but Piccinini said that he expects the response time from investors to be “hours.” He also said that the cash offers will tend to be about 10 percent less than what sellers might have received on the open market, which some people are willing to accept in exchange for greater convenience.

JPAR Instant Offers’ unique setup has a handful of ramifications. For one thing, all the offers that go through the program are handled by a JP & Associates agent, unlike conventional iBuyers, which in some cases are willing to work both with agents or with sellers directly.

Some iBuying programs such as Coldwell Banker’s cataLIST, Keller Williams’ Keller Offers and Redfin Now also rely on agents to guide customers through the transaction process. Many such programs are still relatively new, however, and it remains to be seen how they may fair against now-entrenched disruptors like Opendoor.

Involving outside investors also frees JPAR Instant Offers from the price and property type constraints that other cash offer firms face. Companies like Opendoor and Offerpad, for example, have tended to only buy mid-priced, relatively modern tract homes concentrated in places like Arizona and Texas.

JPAR Instant Offers, on the other hand, has no price constraints and can work with sellers in any of the seven (and soon to be more) states where the company has offices and franchises. According to Piccinini, that’s possible thanks to the diverse list of investors that JP & Associates has compiled; while hedge funds might only be interested in the same types of properties iBuyers want, home flippers or rental investors may be looking for something entirely different.

“We have a very, very large pool of buyers,” Piccinini added, “A very diverse pool of investors.”

JP & Associates isn’t the only independent firm to start an iBuyer. Late last year, Broker Anthony Lamacchia launched Offer Now as part of his company Lamacchia Development. Lamacchia told Inman in March that he started the cash offer program in response to companies like Opendoor, Zillow and Redfin.

Seen together, all of these programs illustrate how widely the appetite for iBuying has spread in the industry.

JP & Associates has teamed up with technology company OfferAI to run the JPAR Instant Offers system. OfferAI first launched last year and created a way for property owners to sell quickly to investors.

In an email to Inman, OfferAI founder and CEO Jack Burns said the JPAR Instant Offers program will “give sellers fiduciary representation throughout the iBuyer experience.” In the future, the partnership will also let JP & Associates set up their own websites and market themselves as iBuyers, Burns said. That program is currently being beta tested, and it will eventually become available to agents at other brokerages as well.

OfferAI charges an administrative fee on the transactions it facilitates for JP & Associates. The company is independent of JP & Associates, though the brokerage’s parent Vesuvius has invested in OfferAI.

News of JPAR Instant Offers was first reported by

A number of companies including Opendoor, Zillow and Redfin have been aggressively expanding their own cash offer programs. Though these companies’ strategies vary, at least some of the bigger players clearly see the value of iBuying as a tool for generating leads. During a recent earnings call, for example, Redfin CEO Glenn Kelman said that his company’s cash offers are usually rejected but the iBuyer program is nevertheless important.

Piccinini said that JPAR Instant Offers will serve a similar function, with the program’s greatest value being its ability to start conversations with potential sellers. Ultimately, he said he would “be surprised” if cash offers ever accounted for more than 3 percent of his firm’s business.

Competition among iBuyers is also shaping up to be particularly fierce on JP & Associates home turf. Not only are established players like Opendoor and Offerpad operating in Texas, but Keller Williams announced last week that it plans to go live with its iBuyer program in May. That program will launch in the Dallas area — the metro region with the most JP & Associates offices.

Piccinini, however, said that he is not concerned about competition with other iBuyer companies. Cash offers still account for only a small percentage of deals, he explained, and in any case he express confidence that his company could win market share away from its rivals.

“What they’ve done is they’ve paved the road for us,” he said. “I think if anything they ought to be concerned about us.”




Episode 58: Success From Scratch

Episode 58: Success From Scratch

On this episode of Success from Scratch Mark sits down with REALTOR® extraordinaire Karan Wethington from the DFW marketplace. She has been in the business for 21 years and has seen and survived in virtually every type of market condition there is.

Karan talks about the turning point in her career: when she stopped flying solo and decided to create a team! Today’s episode will also focus on team values and how to make the best of your most valued resource: your time.

Now available on the go: listen to inspirational stories on all podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, just search ‘Success from Scratch’ anywhere you listen to your favorite podcasts.




Tired Of Not Getting What You Want?

Tired Of Not Getting What You Want?

Ever wonder why so many of us have to hit rock bottom before we find a breakthrough?

Let me explain… from working with others I’ve discovered a pattern. Typically after a huge disappointment, fear of failure disappears. When fear of failure disappears taking a positive action becomes easier, yes!?

Once a major low is hit, the realization that any action that is taken must lead to something better. Think about that for a moment… “any positive action taken leads to something better!” Make sense?

The Problem.

Waiting for a major breakdown to get to a breakthrough.

  • Maybe you’re satisfied with mediocrity?
  • Maybe you believe you will fail and subject to the opinion of others? 
  • Maybe you are addicted to worry; the past or to drama?
  • Maybe you let overwhelm and distractions get in the way instead of taking the next right action.
  • Maybe you succumb too often to those 5 words that kill more dreams than any other: “I don’t feel like it!”

For the vast majority of folks I’ve worked with, the answer to the question, “why don’t you do what you have to do to get what you want?” Can be summarized in 5 dream killing words:

I don’t feel like it!

And that feeling stops you from taking positive action, keeps you from being consistent. It’s the one reason you’re not getting what you want. Your feelings overpower your commitment. Your feelings overpower your ability to take positive action.

The Solution.

Act opposite your feelings.

The story of Mario Lemieux:

There are many athletes who have played through or returned from life-threatening illnesses. Others have come back from debilitating injuries that would have forced mere mortals to give the game up.

And then there is Mario Lemieux, who not only suffered from Hodgkin’s lymphoma but also endured chronic back pain throughout his career.

With his puck-handling dexterity, long reach and accurate shot, Lemieux won three Most Valuable Player awards in the NHL and six times was its leading scorer.

Lemieux is the only player to average more than two points a game (2.01). His goal-scoring percentage of .823 (613 goals in 745 games) is the best for players with 150 games.

I know there where many times Mario “didn’t feel like it” yet his commitment was greater than his feelings.

When your commitments overpower your feelings that’s when breakthroughs begin.

When you take action despite your feelings that’s when breakthroughs begin.

So whose in charge YOU or your feelings?

Episode 57: Success From Scratch

Episode 57: Success From Scratch

On this week’s episode of Success from Scratch, ​Christopher Garcia​ talks about how he is making a difference in Austin’s saturated Housing Market. Mark and Christopher also discuss how to leave your mark by staying focused and being intentional (yet holistic) about each client interaction.

Now available on the go: listen to inspirational stories on all podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, just search ‘Success from Scratch’ anywhere you listen to your favorite podcasts.


Fundamentals First

Fundamentals First

Nearly everything can be boiled down to some core task, some essential component, that must be mastered if you truly want to be good at it.

Vince Lombardi… one of the greatest sports coaches of all time approached the sport from a perspective of “fundamentals first.”

John Wooden and Phil Jackson – other amazing coaches – were known for having a similar obsession with the fundamentals. Wooden even went so far as to teach his players at the start of each season how to put on their socks and tie their shoes. These are professional athletes at the highest level of performance. His objective – care for the players and reduce the variety of minor injuries.

Gentlemen… this is a football!

Lombardi and team took nothing for granted. They began a tradition of starting from scratch, assuming that the players were blank slates who carried over no knowledge from the year before… they began with the most elemental statement of all: “Gentlemen,” he said, holding a pigskin in his right hand, “this is a football.” Each player reviewed how to block and tackle. They opened up the playbook and started from page one. And they won more than any other team.

Aren’t you glad pilots have checklists? Even after hours and hours of detailed training and years and years of practical experience before every takeoff, before every landing and during every flight pilots & crew follow a #checklist.

Checklists are “job aids” to reduce failure… to reduce variation in a process. A method of leaving nothing to chance.

Checklists ensure you get your daily, weekly and monthly tasks done on time, helps you keep track of projects on deadline and ensures you’re organized throughout the day.

Are you leaving your goals, your business to run by chance by “winging it?”

Mastery in nearly any endeavor is the result of deeply understanding simple ideas.

Episode 56: Success From Scratch

Episode 56: Success From Scratch

Christina Nardi is this week’s Success from Scratch featured Realtor. Her own home building process is what sparked her passion for Real Estate – so much so that it triggered her career change!

Looking back, Christina acknowledges that getting her business off the ground was the hardest thing she had to endure but today she’s found the best way to lead the charge! Tune in for some insider tips!

Now available on the go: listen to inspirational stories on all podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, just search ‘Success from Scratch’ anywhere you listen to your favorite podcasts.