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Katie Lively values customer service, hard work, and to understand and meet her clients' needs. With a background in recruiting, Katie has worked to understand the strengths of job seekers and has directed, trained, and negotiated on their behalf resulting in hundreds of people finding employment. She now combines her extensive customer service experience and love of real estate into her full time profession. Katie is originally from St. Louis, MO and has grown to love the DFW area after moving to the Lone Star state over 10 years ago. She has a Bachelor's in Business Leadership from the University of Dallas and is passionate about the real estate market, education reform and community outreach. Priding herself on her strong work ethic and dedication to her craft, Katie seeks to work with both buyers and sellers in meeting their real estate goals. So if you are currently looking to buy, sell or rent a home and need someone to lead you along the way, Katie Lively is happy to join you on this exciting journey as your REALTOR.