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Felicia Wade


I am a Realtor with over 10 years of experience in Texas and formally in Illinois. I am a practicing Revenue Tax Auditor in addition to my most important roles as wife and mother. I am a Veteran spouse and an advocate for education. I love to dance and sing and I enjoy working with potential home owners with a special fondness for First Time Home Owners. Service members and Veterans, As a proud Naval Veteran spouse, I fully understand when deployment orders come through and you have to pack up, pick up and ship out...I can help. I have completed service related moves, relocations in-state and out of state, I can help. If you are unsure of the home buying process or need a little assistance with a downpayment or closing costs, give me a call, I can help. Working to improve your credit and are not quite ready to purchase, I can help you find the perfect lease to cover your needs while you set your homeownership plans in motion. I want to help you achieve those goals, call me I can help. I will employ my realtor experience negotiating the best contract for you and your family. I can help. I am Felicia Wade and I want to be your Realtor!