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Mark Mulch


An accomplished Realtor, small business owner, and 6 time Ironman triathlon finisher, Mark excels in delivering a high level of service and communication to his clients. “Bottom line, I have a real passion for helping people, and in the ever-changing landscape of the North Texas real estate market, my clients appreciate how I can help them navigate through the process of buying or selling a home”. Mark uses his exceptional skills to help his clients go from point A to point B in the shortest amount of time, with the least amount of hassle, and with the most money left in their pockets. Beyond real estate, Mark is a competitive multisport endurance athlete and earned his Ironman status in 2012. Mark will tell you that the skill set developed from swimming, cycling, and running a 140.6 mile race is a game-changer. Mark says, “When you compete in ultra-endurance events, it redefines your definition of determination. I’m definitely not shy of a challenge and that characteristic has proven to be beneficial for both me and my clients”. Mark adds, “The pay off is the smile on the face of my clients after successfully closing their real estate transaction. It’s extremely gratifying to know that I’ve exceeded their expectations by going the extra mile.” To Mark, it’s not just another real estate transaction that he’s interested in, but forging a lifelong relationship. Mark goes on to say, “My clients deserve and expect nothing but the absolute best and that’s why I’m honored when they refer me to their friends and family to help them with their real estate needs.“ Contact Mark today at 972-841-2324 or [email protected]