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If you ask most natives of Northeastern Louisiana, they’d tell you that the best thing to come out of Rayville was country music star, Tim McGraw. That would seem like a safe assumption, provided that you've never been introduced to April Hunt, a stunningly beautiful blond with a burning heart for Jesus and an authentic desire to serve others. If you are fortunate enough to call April a friend, then you see her as we do, as an example of how to worship, how to lead others by example, how to raise faithful children and how to treat others as she would like to be treated. It is hard to grasp the fact that her life story has not always been picture perfect, that she too has walked through seasons of peaks and valleys. It was back in hometown, where an unassuming pastor changed her life by teaching her to embrace her past for the grace and wisdom it had to offer. Rayville is the quintessential small, southern town. A place where a dusty ballpark is the hub of local society and two one-way streets are the main thoroughfares in and out of town. In a metropolis of roughly a few thousand people, Sonic is where one frequents to see and be seen on weekend nights and gossip is the most cherished form of entertainment. April's mom was a hairdresser, and her salon was like a daily town hall meeting of fiery discussions of who was doing what and to whom.

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