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Dallas, Texas has always been Jemi’s home; she was born in Bangladesh but raised in the United States and then had moved briefly to Australia. From Dhaka to New York to Sydney, she has been a globetrotter of sorts; however, it is in Dallas that she feels she was meant to be at. Real estate caught her attention when she was working for one of the largest mortgage companies in Australia. Then the process of buying her own house in Dallas made her realize that she can combine her expertise in client consulting and the natural knack she has for helping others in making home-ownership into a more enjoyable experience. So, what does she bring to the table? This is her full-time profession so her clients find her available 24/7. She is very goal-oriented; she sticks to the customer’s needs and finds a suitable option for them to choose from without wasting their time. She’s tech-savvy and uses her knowledge to reach out to a bigger demographic on her client’s behalf; at the same time, her communication is customized as per the comfort zone of her clientele. Being immersed in various cultures throughout her life has given Jemi the unique talent to connect to people from all walks of life; consequently, her clients find her ability to put them at ease very gratifying. Furthermore, by keeping her approach professional, she confidently takes charge of situations on behalf of her clients where she needs to deal with the other parties involved in the real estate buying and selling process. She’d love know more about you when she gets to meet you. Meanwhile, here are some insights into her personal life: She loves music, she loves to dance. She loves cooking delicious delicacies for her friends and family in her spare time. Kids and pets she naturally gravitates towards; and she would love to travel all over the world someday. Jemi is a member of the National Association of Realtors, Texas Association of Realtors, and Collin County Association of Realtors. She would love to get you practical results in buying and/or selling a house in the DFW Metroplex. Give her a call today and turn your real estate inquiries into a rewarding experience.

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