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As the trusted real estate and mortgage representative for my clients, I understand that selling and buying a home is a complex and deeply personal experience.  With so much at stake from a financial and personal standpoint it is crucial that you have an expert who is connected to others in the market and understands the current and future trends in both the real estate and mortgage arenas.  There are so many variables in a real estate transaction that choosing carefully is a must.  You have a trusted and knowledgable guide in me.  

I bring almost a decade of full time Realtor experience in the Utah real estate market, and when you combine that with the five years of mortgage experience in an office of over 75 years of combined experience you have the total package.  Why is it critical that you have someone in your corner that understands both sides of the business?  I avoid pitfalls having to do with both your financing and real estate needs that other Realtors may not even know about, I have real life experience with all of these.  When you have someone who can see the potential hazards and problems from both sides of the fence coming before you are in a bad situation, you will have a safe, stable and more importantly, financially beneficial experience.

As a seller, you want to effectively market your home to the most buyers in order to secure the highest possible price and cleanest terms for the sale.  As a buyer you want a patient yet assertive partner to help buy the right home for you at the best possible price.  I will make sure you won't leave any money on the table on both sides of your transaction.  As a retired policeman I am an expert negotiator and use my years of experience in high stress situations to ensure you are taken care of in all aspects of the process, from marketing, to negotiations and maintaining your sanity in a process that can be emotionally taxing.  With my high level of integrity and commitment as well as attention to detail and an acute knowledge of both the rules and laws governing real estate transactions, you have chosen to work with the best  advocate you can.