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Hi! My name is Jessica E. Perry, and I am a Brand-New agent. Yes, you read that right- Brand-New agent. So- what can I offer you in this process? I mean, “Why chose this girl?” has got to be what you’re thinking, right? (I know I would be). So, here is what I can tell you- I understand that this is one of the Biggest Decisions in Your Life. I also understand What That Means. Having only been on the consumer side of this type of transaction, I get your concerns of what it takes to try to navigate the ends and outs of this process (because I have had them too). While I may be able to relate to all your concerns- you also need the Expert Negotiating Skills of a seasoned broker because at the end of the day, it is about You, Your Finances, Your Risk. Which I can also provide. I have an exceptional mentor and Brokerage behind me. This combination creates a brilliant partnership, combining comfort and competency to get you to your next step.?