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Hello there, my name is Shenelle Halls and I am originally from New York City, Brooklyn NY to be exact. Growing up in Brooklyn had its advantage; it taught me how to be courageous and self-confident at an early age. I learned how to interact with a diverse group of people, from Latino’s to Arabic’s, Asians etc. I became well acquainted with every race. Living in a multicultural neighborhood for thirty-one years taught me to see character and character only and for that I am forever grateful. The VA hospital is where I gained my professionalism, I have been an employee at the Veterans Affairs Health Care system for fifteen years and my career at the VA is what led me to San Antonio, Texas. I heard the saying “Live full and die empty” so here I am, I took a leap of faith and it’s the best decision I have made moving to San Antonio. The people here are friendly and very family oriented, which is a big change. At thirty-four years old, single with no children, I look forward to getting to know you and helping find your dream home or helping you sell your outgrown home. Either way I can’t wait to meet you.