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My name is Dave Bandelin and I am a professional Realtor® with JPAR REALTORS®. I have lived and worked in this beautiful area for many years, and take great pride in our community. Buying the Right Home Buying the right home is one of the most important financial decisions that most people make in their life. Helping you succeed in finding the right home at the right price is my profession and my passion. Location, Location, Location Everyone knows that the same house or property in a different neighborhood or different "side of town" can have a strikingly different value. So in evaluating real estate, it is quite important that you be aware of local factors. This includes such things as neighborhood trends, area growth patterns, local ordinances and government issues, and the condition of competing properties. Many Qualities There are many qualities that characterize an outstanding real estate professional – honesty, integrity, commitment, knowledgeable, trustworthy, hard-working, effective marketer and negotiator. My clients have used all these to describe me. You are Unique Every buyer and seller of real estate has a unique set of needs and desires. I am well known for my ability to closely match my clients' special requirements with the perfect house they can call home. Unburden Yourself The paperwork required these days to buy or sell real estate can be complicated, and the process to ensure everything is done right can be tiresome and confusing. I am thoroughly familiar with all necessary forms and procedures for real estate transactions, and have valuable experience following all the steps to successful completion . Why not let me help take some of the burden out of the transaction process so you can focus on the more personal issues Its all about You Yes – you are the center of my real estate transactions. I am dedicated to doing everything in my power to assist you in all your real estate transactions because you deserve nothing less. I have been a TOP PPRODUCER in Fernandina Bch., Amelia Island and Nassau County FL for the last 6 yrs

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