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To start a conversation with CJ Joiner, simply mention pets or any animals really. Other suggested easy topics: CJ’s dogs, baseball, basketball, music, chocolate, tequila, history, and perhaps real estate. The daughter of a retired United States Marine and sister of a Captain in the Air Force Reserves, CJ knows a thing or two about moving every few years. As of 2013, she is proud to call Houston home. Living all over the United States left pieces of her heart with a few MLB & NBA teams who shall remain nameless. CJ pursued a broadcast journalism career while attending East Carolina University. Her game-changing moment happened when she took on a part-time job at her new off-campus luxury apartment complex. From a part-time leasing agent to the Houston-based company’s first National Operations Specialist, CJ is a seasoned vet in the multifamily world on both the development and acquisitions sides. Since 2002, her multifamily experiences at every level groomed her for her Realtor debut many years later. When you ask CJ what she does for a living, her reply is “I help and serve people.” The plays are simple, work hard and be nice. If knowledge is power, educating my customers and clients before, during, and after the real estate process allows them to manage the game and call the plays. Whether I swing for the fences, bunt towards 3rd, or charge the mound is my client’s call. By serving and advising clients, I champion them during one of life’s major moments. Let’s buy, rent, or lease your next home or apartment. Let’s list apartments in your building or list your home to sell. When building your business has paid off, let’s find commercial space to lease or buy. Even if you are just thinking about your next move, start a conversation with CJ. Or we can just talk about puppies and travel.