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Danette Plater was born in San Francisco, California. She identifies to being a CALIFORN-IA girl at heart. Her dad was in the Navy and her family relocated to Norfolk, Virginia when she was 6 years of age and then they moved to Maryland when she was 4. She lived in Maryland up until 3 years ago when she moved to St. Augustine, Florida. Danette relocated to St. Augustine after several years of visiting her sister and her love for “historic downtown” and the warm weather. In Maryland, she has 2 children, Danaye and Johnathon and 1 granddaughter, Emeri. She enjoys visiting them throughout the year. Danette had a fulfilling career at Potomac Electric Company. Throughout her career she held several positions in various departments and supported both internal and external customers. Danette has strong work ethics and is client focused and driven to provide optimal customer service. Her strengths are organization, collaboration, diligence, attention to detail, self-driven and a great negotiator. She has been successful by transferring these skills into all of her real estate endeavors. Her smile is indicative of her energy and tenacity. She has met and built a rapport with many interesting and innovative people since she has been in Florida. She has a passion to help people obtain their “GOALS & DREAMS”. She never leaves one rock unturned without exploring all possibilities and finding a solution.