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Arturo Fernandez

Real Estate Consultant

Arturo Fernandez is a real estate consultant with JPAR Vantage in the Gilbert, AZ office. Arturo brings his experience as a Construction Manager to JPAR Vantage in the East Valley of Phoenix, Arizona. Prior to joining JPAR Vantage, he worked on multi-million-dollar commercial projects across the “Valley of the Sun” & in numerous other states. During this time, he learned how to be patient, detail-oriented, proactive, to negotiate effectively, to handle business transactions with the utmost integrity and to strongly advocate for his clients & team. His mission is to professionally serve his clients’ best interests when either purchasing their ideal property or selling their existing one. He will ensure you achieve your real estate goals and place your current investment or future investment in a profitable position while transitioning you into your new future. Arturo prides himself in his passion to serve his clients’ entire spectrum of needs. He has extensive industry knowledge and his exceptionally aware of the East Valley communities and ever-changing market. As your Realtor®, Arturo has state of the art technology, team collaboration & industry-leading marketing programs and resources that are tailored to each individual client and their specific needs that only he & JPAR Vantage can provide. Arturo understands that selling or buying can be a stressful time for his clients due to the emotional & financial investment that is often required. However, Arturo is your partner and advocate throughout your entire real estate journey. He has the unmatched skills necessary to make your real estate journey a smooth and advantageous experience. It would be a pleasure and an honor to work for you and your family & make your dreams come true with the home of your dreams.