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As an elementary school teacher for over 25 years, I have learned the value of customizing a plan for each individual. The same holds true for my real estate clients. Every client is different and has different needs. From the beginning, we determine each client's goals. I am sure to always put my clients and their needs first. Working with clients who are buying a home is very satisfying and fulfilling work. It is an honor to help a client find the home in which they will live and laugh and love for years to come. I listen carefully and ask specific questions to help my clients find the perfect house for their family and their budget. I do thorough research to become an expert in the areas my clients would like to live. My knowledge of the current market and anticipation of trends helps my clients find the home that is right for them. Working with clients who are selling their homes is equally as gratifying. I am careful to consider the emotional attachment many homeowners have with their property and help them use those feelings as an advantage as we prepare their home for market. I have heard it said that most buyers want a GREAT home and a GOOD price, so I work hard with my clients to help them get the most out of the investment of time, energy, and money represented by their home. I do extensive research to know the competition so that we present a home ready to sell at the right price. Communication and response time are two of my biggest strengths. I know I love a timely response, so I strive to get back to clients as soon as possible, even if just to tell them I received their question and I am working on finding an answer. Working as a professional Realtor is very fulfilling. Buying or selling property can be a stressful experience and I do all I can to communicate throughout the process to alleviate as much strain on my clients as possible. It is extremely gratifying to close a transaction knowing I have done all I can for people who started as clients and now have become friends. I look forward to working together to buy or sell a home. Contact me today and let's get moving! Frederick "Scott" Ritter