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I resigned from corporate management to pursue a long-desired career in real estate. It was bittersweet, as I left my team that I loved. It was the arrival of a new chapter and the time to focus on long-term live a more intentional life as a very proud wife and mother of two little boys, and to become an active member of the S.A. community. I took the plunge. No regrets. I moved to San Antonio from Germany as an Army brat when I was younger and I wouldn’t change it for the world. The opportunities to travel all over the world, learn new languages and cultures, while appreciating the values of family, loyalty, and the sacrifices we make for love, is absolutely priceless. It truly molded me into who I am today. However, I did see the strain it took on my parents through our countless moves as a young family, and the stress of having to sell our home and then find another in a brand new destination, new jobs, and new friends. I definitely recognized it, but tucked it away in my heart. My grassroots started in residential property management, as I attended the University of Texas at San Antonio. I loved my job and contemplated numerous times on foregoing my degree and pursuing residential real estate instead. I earned my bachelor’s degree in Marketing. Of course, I then sought opportunity in Corporate America and landed my “work home” for over a decade. It was a great experience, where I learned so many valuable lessons in relationships, professional growth, and development. I sharpened the saw on who I was as a professional and how I would incorporate these learned applicable best practices into every type of client relationship. The decision to finally pursue my real estate career refreshed and motivated me. It completed me..... FINALLY, I’m helping others with something that I’m so passionate about and that I can also personally relate to wholeheartedly. #BeyerDrivenResults