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Regardless of where you are on your goals for 2018, there is still time to produce more this year. If your desire is to close the year strong, not be broke on January 1 and be prepared for an amazing 2019 then you gotta read this.

3 killer strategies to close out 2018… up your seller education game; portray trust and regardless of YOUR age, appeal to millennials. 

Recently I had the honor of attending the Zillow Premier Broker event in Chicago, IL. The Zillow Consumer Housing Report was an amazing value add, and at least 3 major trends stood out for me.

Trend 1: Up Your Seller Education Game 

Zillow’s research shows more than half of all sellers have NEVER sold a home before. It’s a totally new experience for them. Place yourself in their shoes: Are they scared? Are they’re apprehensive? Are they afraid of being taken advantage of? Do you think they wish they knew more than they do? That answer would be YES to all of those

So, let’s look at what that means to you and me. This is one stat begging you to proactively help educate your prospects and in the process attracts more referrals and more listings

For those of you with extensive experience, you could write up a report like, “4 Ways To Maximize The Value Of Your Home” or “3 Essential Facts Every First-Time Home Seller Must Know” and offer them on your lead capture landing pages. Promote them by running Facebook ads in your target communities along with a video about how you’re passionate about educating sellers. For those of you with less experience, you can hire out these reports to content writers in your area… check out FIVERR or #GTS = Google That Stuff!

Practical ideas to consider:

  1. Informative Direct Mail Campaigns, like:
    • The benefits of a “Home Warranty Sellers Coverage” policy
  2. Short special reports and white papers, like:
    • Best Home Improvements
    • Determining Your Homes Value
    • Value Of A Pre Sell Home Inspection
    • Benefits Of Partnering With A Hyper-Local Expert, Like Me!
  3. Educational seminars or zoom sessions
  4. Short videos to walk people through the process with a call to action to reach out to you
  5. Quick seller tips on social media with a call to action to reach out to you

And while it may be their first time, today’s sellers have access to more data and best practices BEFORE they reach out to possible selling agents. They are looking for a strategist with the market knowledge, marketing skills, and legal know-how to do the heavy lifting that will get them from sale to closing. Some of the activities “self-starting sellers” get a jump on before engaging with an agent include home improvements (50 percent), coming up with a list price for their home (39 percent) and securing a home inspection (25 percent).

Example? While this is commercial, here is a great example of leveraging content for adding value and lead capture.  Review this site for ideas!

Trend 2: Ensure Your Marketing And Promotions Portray TRUST

Eighty-six percent of consumers say trustworthiness is “extremely” or “very” important when choosing an agent. When your biggest asset is at stake, you want to trust the person guiding your transaction.

So, let’s think about what makes someone trustworthy. Or better yet, let’s discuss who we don’t consider trustworthy:

• Complete strangers
• Salespeople who only show up when there’s something in it for them

Obviously, the more familiar people are with you, the more they are naturally likely to trust you. So, if 86 percent of consumers are telling you that you must be trustworthy to even be considered, what’s that mean to you? It means you need to be putting yourself in front of prospects over and over and over again to create that familiarity that breeds trustworthiness.

• Do you have more than 5 testimonials and endorsements?
• Do you create a “social proof” marketing piece that shows what OTHER people say about you?
• Are you visible and involved in the communities you serve?
• Are you marketing to the same neighborhoods consistently or jumping around to wherever you take your next listing?
• Does your website or your marketing give any insight into who YOU are as a person, or do you come across like a real estate robot?

All of these questions lead to huge opportunities to build trust with homeowners so when they decide to sell, you’re already in that “extremely important” category of being trustworthy.

Trend 3: Regardless of YOUR Age, Appeal To Millennials… nearly 50% of your future business may depend on this!

Millennials – that generation between the ages of 24 and 38 – account for 42 percent of all home buyers and 61 percent of all first-time buyers, according to Zillow’s report. These folks were raised on the Internet. As a result, they’re accustomed to Amazon-level service and ease of use. You know that experience: Where you order something late Friday night and somehow it shows up on your doorstep on a Sunday morning! That’s the standard you’re up against when you work with 42 percent of buyers. So here’s the big question:

Are your services and systems up to that standard?

If your answer is no, it’s time to adapt how you do things.

Strive to make working with you as easy as ordering from Amazon.

Where can you streamline? What can you eliminate? What more can you do prior to meeting with a buyer to make the process smoother? What “extras” can you provide to make your service more beautiful? We all need to be asking ourselves these questions and refining our systems on a regular basis because that standard isn’t reversing course anytime soon. It’s only going to get higher and higher.

There you have it… 3 killer strategies to close out 2018… up your seller education game; portray trust and regardless of YOUR age, appeal to millennials. What will you take action on? Let me know…

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